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You probably didn't see our billboards, or the big spread we've taken out in various national newspapers. OR the broad range of television adverts, (we actually thought of hiring a rather sinister clown to cajole the kids into eating here). Our favorite ad we didn't make was the one where we drove around in a big SUV harassing hapless employees of other fast food franchises for items we knew darned well weren't on their menu. And you haven't seen our branded rubbish and styrofoam containers and drink cups blowing down your street. Because that's not what we are all about.

What we are about is offering an outstanding product at a reasonable price. A product that doesn't cost the future or the world. We're about good taste, and catering to increasingly sophisticated palates. We're about intelligent and ethical choices made convenient and affordable. That should be enough.

The best publicity is that which we didn't have to pay for. Most people don't have to be sold a good thing. Our customers create customers. Word of mouth. Our best ideas come from our customers and staff. And the money we save goes into a lot of worthwhile causes - more on that as it happens. If you're reading this now you're already halfway there. If we haven't yet built a Brahma Burger near to you, rest easy, we will. But if you'd like to speed things along, or get in on a good thing yourself, follow the franchises link. And should you wish to offer us some of your suggestions, comments or criticisms, we'd like to hear that too.


If you would like to advertise your quality vegan product here, drop us a line. It should be noted, however, that we at Brahma Burger adhere to the highest professional standards, and would not even think of endorsing a product we hadn't tried. So if you're still up to advertising here, send us a case of your finest product, be it veggie burgers, dogs, breakfast sausages or veggie Kubasa. Bear in mind we've a large and voracious staff, so don't be stingy. Be sure to include contact details, company graphics, and a detailed list of ingredients. We won't sample anything that's not factory sealed and clearly labelled.
Our address again:   

Brahma Burger
#11, 1737 12 Ave S.W.
Calgary, AB