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Welcome to Brahma Burger

Welcome to Brahma Burger - the future of fast food. Everything at Brahma Burger is made with 100% vegetable and soy products - No animal fats or byproducts. No chicken. No dairy. No beef. No Bull. Whether you're here for ethical reasons, or simply looking for a convenient way to eat quick and healthy, Brahma Burger offers the finest choice available in fast food.

Our Mission

We at Brahma Burger are passionate about what what we do and represent. We're about ethical and sustainable food choices. We're about building a future that doesn't cost the planet. And we're about good health and superior taste. All of our products are made with 100% organically grown vegetable and soy products. No trans fats. Whether you come for ethical reasons, or are simply looking for a tasty, convenient and healthy alternative to factory fast foods, think Brahma Burger.

Soul Food

Small changes make a big difference. The future begins today, and the choices we make will determine the choices available to our children. A vegetarian diet promotes health and longevity while preserving our resources for future generations to manage and enjoy. If you don't think it's for you, that's OK, but try us just once and see how affordable good taste can be. It doesn't have to cost the world. And with Brahma Burger there are no compromises, our products deliver double the flavor and three times the nutrition of our nearest competitor. With no trans-fats and a fraction of the calories typically associated with fast foods.

All that and it's good for you!